Conduct code


To provide solutions in boilermaking and industrial assemblies, focusing on quality, safety and customer’s service that makes the difference.


To be a reference in the sector of boilermaking and industrial assemblies for the excellence of our products and services, ethical conduct and social and environmental commitment.


  • Segurança
  • Qualidade
  • Responsabilidade socioambiental
  • Competência
  • Pontualidade
  • Inovação tecnológica
  • Iniciativa
  • Comprometimento com resultados.


  • Alfa’s business conduct is driven by guidelines that go beyond the compliance with legislation in force. The company is supported by three pillars:


Excellence of products and services provided.


Preservation of the well-being and physical integrity of the team.

Social and Environmental commitment

Ethical interaction and committed to the human being, the community and the environment.

That is the way Alfa values people: valuing life.

Conduct code

The Conduct Policy of Alpha Boilerworks aims to define the main guidelines for employees’ behavior allied to the principles applied in the company, including the following areas:

  • Human Rights
  • Labor Relations
  • Social and Environmental Responsibility
  • Safety at Work
  • Quality
  • Fighting Corruption

With this document, the organization sets professional conduct internally accepted, and in the relationships with suppliers, customers, employees and the community, based on principles such as respect, honesty and integrity, essential to the harmonious performance in the workplace and in the relationship with society.

Access the full Conduct Policy.


Alfa is located in Itaúna,Minas Gerais, an important industrial center of Midwest/MG, 80 km from Belo Horizonte. It can be reached by the following highways: BR 381, BR 262 and MG 050.

About Alfa

Company of mechanical engineering, specialized in boiler making, structures and industrial assembly services.

Its proposal is focused on the industrial segment, working with expressiveness in the following sectors: mining, steel making, cement, petrochemical, paper and cellulose, capital assets, power generation, casting, food, explosive devices, beverages, textile, among others.

Operating since 1991, the organization presents a range of national service. Its great productive potential, know how and reliability in the market lead to continuous expansion and growth. It is a company that allies high technical expertise, innovation and cutting-edge material in providing services and manufacturing products in the engineering field.

Today, Alfa’s large and modern infrastructure comprises the production plant and administrative headquarters, within a total area of 12,000 m². Its industrial complex and continuous search for excellence reflect in quality and competitive differential, making it fully prepared to meet the growing demand in the sector.



In 1991, in Itaúna/MG, Alfa entered the market in an office of 60 m².


After one year, the building of its first headquarters was started in an area of 1,200 m².


1998 was characterized by the planning of a new unit, larger and more productive, which started being built in 2000 and was concluded in 2001, in an area of 5,000 m².


The company completed another stage in 2006: the new administrative unit, what expanded the site considerably.


In 2009 a major step forward was made: the expansion of its area, reaching then 12,000 m².


In 2011 another project was approved, this time of change in location.


The implementation of the new headquarters began in 2012, in an area of 50,000 m², on MG-431, in Itaúna (MG). On the first stage of the project implantation, its industrial area will be of 5,300 m², reaching 9,000 m² on the second stage. The administrative sector, cafeteria and locker room will cover an area of 1,384 m². At the end of the implantation of this unit, the constructed area will be of 10,384 m².

The company has invested heavily in the acquisition of load-lifting equipment, as munck trucks, hysters crane 30 and 80 metric tons.

New investments in machinery were made for the production sector.

Alfa invested more aggressively in the specificity of metal structures to increase their competitiveness in that segment. Therefore, investments were made in the construction of a new preparation shed and the acquisition of a CNC machine for drilling beams and marking profiles, ensuring higher productivity and quality.

Focusing on continuous development of internal processes, the company maintained investments in engineering, enhancing its ability to provide integrated solutions from project development to manufacturing and site assembly. Due to that integration, gains on optimization of materials and processes have been very significant.

Since its foundation, the company has shown a steady growth of its productive capacity and of its potential of market performance.

Alfa Boilermaking and Assemblies: more than two decades of upward business path, resulting from an ethical, competent and responsible administration, today run by the following board of directors:

  • Márcio Bandeira – President
  • Filipe Bandeira – Commercial Director
  • Daniel Nogueira – Operations Director
  • Marlene Nogueira – Administrative/Financial Director
  • Leandro Gomes – Industrial Director